Counselling offers the opportunity to work through issues and difficulties with the aim of working towards living a more satisfactory and resourceful life, the Counsellor at all times respecting the aims and objectives of the individual.

Most of us, at some time in our life experience times of stress, anxiety, emotional or relationship issues, depression, bereavement, or may want to look at our own personal growth or other issues that affect our lives.

This opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings with another person in a ‘uniquely’ private and confidential environment, away from the interruptions of everyday life, can enable change to occur.

My current fees are:

£50 per hour    1:1 Counselling Session

£60 per hour  Couples Session

I also offer Counselling Supervision to Trainee and Qualified Counsellors. My current fees are:

                 £60   for  1 hour

                 £85   for  1.5 hours

                 £100 for  2 hours